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rose petel cane

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Can you put silk rose petals in a hurricane shell? I have an insert and tried it once with silk leaves, but wax got in front of them. Would you use chunks to hold them in place? Anyone know. I'd love to try it, but I hate to waste, I had instructions from Donita but didn't print them out and now they are gone,:sad2: Any suggestions? Thanks, Dee

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I've tried this with the fake rose petels in a cane with an insert and you couldnt really tell they where rose petels, too much wax in front of them. Now I've done a few where I make a solid plain hurricane shell, then used roses I pressed and dried and put them on the outside with mod podge then overdipped them in wax. Very time consuming, but beautiful results! I'd think that if you used chunks to hold them in place, you may see the chunks with the petals and it wouldnt look as nice. HTH!

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