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Wax Melts Packaging Question

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Hi all I just made the first of our waxmelts. What I was wondering is if anyone packaged them like I did. I used aluminum foil cupcake wrappers and poured 1 oz of wax in each (about halfway full) Then I placed in freezer for about 10 minutes. This caused the wax to shrink up a little and pull away from the cupcake wrapper. I think to long and they will become brittle and crack. Then after they were at room tempature I sliced downward several times around the cup (this helped fragrance escape) now for the labeling I used hi gloss photo paper for the labels I made and cut the circles out. This worked out better for me then a sticker because when you fold the top of the wrapper over it doesnt cover the entire cup. I then put a very thin line of hotglue around the label and stuck it on top of the cup pressing around the edges. it doesnt matter to me if it stuck all the was because it will let a little of the smell out. The other thing I like about packaging like this is when you pull the label off the top it rips the foil cup so nobody will try to leave it in there. Overall I kind of like them for my first try and wanted to thank you all for all the info here. Please let me know what you think and if you think this method of packaging would be ok. I was thinking I could shrink wrap 3 together and just put a drop of scent on the wrap or some smell holes in it.

And the labels do look etter than what I had to downsize them to for this websites requirements. look here http://www.stacysscentsations.com/images/closeup.jpg





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I was asking because the shape and ruffled edges reminds me of a chocolate mold. In one of those it would come out similar but perfect, and then there's the very thin metal foil they use for wrapping chocolates. It would be beautiful with that awesome label but I don't suppose you'd want to complicate the production. This seems very efficient.

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Love the labels (yep, Medley ;) )!!

I'm curious though, what you meant by this:

after they were at room tempature I sliced downward several times around the cup (this helped fragrance escape)

I'm having a hard time "visualizing" what you did here??

Otherwise, I have made wax tarts in the smaller paper cups, and I think they are sooo cute, so I'm sure the bigger ones are too. :D

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