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Wicks/Jar Candles

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Hi! I am so sorry if this has been discussed a million times, but I have been reading this board for hours now and I just cant find the answer. I am fairly new to making jar candles and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what size wick to get to make a jar candle that is 16oz and smaller. The wick that I have and tested had black sooty like stuff coming off the flame and it also left the jar with a soot on the edges. So from reading here sofar I am using too big of wicks is that correct? Can anyone tell me what size to get? When I bought these wicks I just bought them because of the length...there wasnt anymore information on them but that. And please don't ask what kind of wax I use....there is only one kind at hobby lobby and that is what I buy...

If ANYONE can help me I would really appreciate what size and where to buy them!

Thanks in advance!

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A lot will depend on what wax you are using - Here are some possibilities to get you started - This link is posted in the "Helpful Links For Newbies" thread that is at the top of this section - A lot of great stuff is in that thread that will really help you a lot


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Your best bet would be to buy a sample pack of quality wicks. Not knowing where to start, I'd pick the middle size to start. Then go up or down depending on how it burns. Not knowing anything about your wick that's too large makes it very difficult to tell you which size to go down to. Then there's the type of wick... the sizes have different numbers for different kinds.

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