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Orange Glass Pumpkins with Hat

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If you do a search someone posted they use 2x cd-16s but I can't remember the wax - it was on this board though.

I bought some of these, and personally, they look good, but I don't really like the way they burn. You have to single wick them and let them burn forever at a time, and there really isn't room for two wicks that I can see (though there are a couple different sizes of these jars going around). I'm using them for other purposes, at least thats my plan of the day.

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Henryk, How in the heck are 2x cd-16 going to work, when I used 2x cd-8's and had a complete mp across the top with a 3/8" mp in the first hour of burning ? I have a HTP-1212 in there now and it seems to be burning pretty good for the first hour of burning, at least I don't have a complete liquefied top, the only thing is the flame is dancing alot, ( and there are no draft ) I'm going to let it burn for approx. 3 to 4 hours to see how it does, But I'm thinking on trying a cd-20 or 22. It seems like I have better luck with them.

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I tried cd-10, I had no luck, I had 1/8" to 1/4" of wax around the sides, no mp at all. I tried cd-12 still had hang-up, no mp. The HTP-1212 worked, but the flame was dancing alot, had a small mushroom which wasn't too bad.

I'm trying the cd-14 to see if it's works, if not, then I'll try two of them and see what it does. Did'nt try the cottons because of them mushrooming alot. I know if it is wicked correctly they don't mushroom that bad.

Using Pumpkin Pie 1 1/4oz per lb, 2-smidgens of Orange & 2-smidgens of Brown, 5/8oz BW,

Thanks for the suggestion everyone. I'll post and let you know which one works for me.

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