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Would this work?


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Hey everyone, I have a question for you all. I have been doing a lot of experiementing with sugar scrubs and my goal has been to keep it with all natural ingredients (with the exception of FO). I have tried MANY different oil/butter combos and I have been finding them all to be way too greasy. I find it leaves too much oil on my skin after and I feel greasy. I did come across one recipe that I thought may work. It was one with M&P soap base, oil, and sugar. I personally do not buy M&P, but I do make my own soap.

Can I shave up my soap and try to melt it down and use it as a sub for M&P? I did try to do this and it worked very nicely in the end product although I found it very difficult to melt down the soap (it has been curing for a month). I was just curious if this is a good sub for M&P and is there an easier method to melt it down so it fully melts?

Curious....has anyone tried putting in cornstarch in a scrub to cut down on oiliness?

TIA everyone, I'm just at my wits end trying to come up with a non-greasy but still moisturizing scrub that is all natural. It is quite a challenge!!!

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I tried this exact same thing last weekend and I found the MP was harder than my CP that I melted down. In the process of testing the two...the MP was definitely prettier...but it was still pretty greasy in the shower...I rubbed it on my arm and when I tried to rinse it off, it had this nasty white film on my arm...had to wash it off with soap and water.

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In making the soap, you won't need a preservative, but you may in the final scrub.

Have you looked at Optiphen Plus? It's paraben free, formalhyde free, and keeps out yeast, bacteria, and fungus.

I would never recommend selling a scrub without preservative, as water will be introduced to the scrub, and you will grow germies without one.

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