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in desperate need of wisdon...


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I have been trying to wick peaks blackberry sage in 8 and 20 tureens. i have tried every possibe htp wick that could possible work. i double wick these. What do you do when you just absolutely cannot wick a container. i have lx, cd, and c 's on hand ... i dont even know where to begin with these. i am about to triple wick the 20 tureen , as for the 8 oz i give up for now:sad2: :sad2:

If any one has any wisdom i would app. it. This SO reinforces the importance of test, test, test.


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I don't know how wide those tureen jars are, but start with (2) LX18's and see how they do. I use these for my vase jars where the middle is 4"+ and they work great. I use a soy/paraffin blend, so depending on your wax, you may need to go up or down a size!! Good luck!

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