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Donuts and Coffee FO


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Interesting combo. Was on a coffee hunt for a long time, but didn't run into a mixture of coffee and donuts. I didn't end up going with Just Scents coffee version, but from the description I gathered it was straight coffee. I've been meaning to try KY's fresh glazed donuts as Don swears it smells just like a Krispy Kreme donut, which are sinfully delicious lol.

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Kim, girl..its official. You rock.

:grin2: Glad I could help. I never smelled the Beignet scent before but heard its a great scent. If you wanted I would be happy to send you a little sniffy of the KY Glazed Donut. :drool:

If you want to smell it before you buy it just PM me and give me your mailing address. :highfive:

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KY's fresh glazed donuts is really great. Im going to try to make a coffee and donut jar candle, split down the middle, coffee (brown) on one side of the wick and donut (cream) on the other side of the wick. I have been thinking about this for about a month now, I think it would make a great police gag gift.

I made a jar candle with 2 halves last week and it dont look half bad, I need to get a picture of it and post it later. It was scented endless love (green) and dogwood (pink).


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Unfortunately, the only place I've seen them is in NO. I will have to ask my dad how to make them-- its like funnel cake type dessert. Serve with the deepest, richest coffee and gggggiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllllll

Cures hangovers too. LOL

LMAO!! I so didn't need to read that. But I'm not really big on coffee, so I can probably wait till I'm in the NO area ;) But I'll keep an open mind on this and still keep an eye out in some places around here :)

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