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Question about wick curl and hang up on opposite side

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Hi, I hope this isn't a dumb question!:embarasse I was testing today for the first time with a wick I have never used before. It is an Aztec Premier Wick 2.5. for vegetable wax. I am testing in a 5oz ginger jar. Well, I noticed that the top of the wick has a slight curl to the left when burning. So, the wax on the left is burning all the way to the edge of the jar, but the right side has a slight hang up. Is this caused from the curl in the wick? Thanks for any info.

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Hi Heather!!

:shocked2: You read my mind!!!

I was doing great with testing wicks, wax, FO's etc... Thought I was on the right track, but now there were 2 of my candles that did the curl thing. They burn clean to the edge if its straight. I figure I just need to trim the wick, and start over, but seems like maybe I am doing something wrong. Cant seem to figure the difference. One is the 4oz JJ, C-3, HTP 93,and one is the 8oz wide mouth JJ C-3, HTP 104.

:confused: Different scents in each of these jars, same wax, same size wicks that I have always used. Cant figure it out.

Thought maybe I should wick up, and the HTP 104 in the 4oz JJ is way too much. It smokes, and no matter how much I trim it, I get like a 2 inch flame1 Yikes!!! Havent tried the HTP 105 for the 8oz Wide mouth.

Everyone is so right!! Always learning more!!!;)

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