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Does anyone remember


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I remember... I think it was a basic body/linen spray... scented something kids would like

bubblegum - to get rid of monsters under the bed

lavander - good for nightmares *helps to sooth children*

I think most of it was the lables and how the product was presented...

Large pieces of glitter in the bottom of the bottles would be good, gives kids something to shake up

A nice saying that you should say as you sake up the bottle :)

You might even make a small "fake ingredients list" that says silly things like:

Mom's biggest hug - good for icky green monsters that hide under the bed

Magic Pickle Juice - good for smelly monsters

Unicorn toe nails - good for monsters who don't think little boys/girls are real...

Stuff like that... It's 90% imagination... 10% actuall product.

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If you want it to be really fun, you can have your child decide what kind of monsters they think the spray needs to protect against...

Make sure you let them know that you're really "working" on getting together just the right ingredients...

Let them pick out a color even :) It can be fun if your child is the right age and of the right mind set...

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I was going to do this for a kids' room spray, but I nixed the idea, I just had too many moral issues with it. Yep, I'm a dork, and I admit it. I have no problem with the concept, I just had a problem making it and selling it. So, please know that I don't judge anyone who does it, I just choose not to myself.

Anyway, my plan was to use a few hydrosols for the spray, perhaps diluted with water, depending on how strong they were OOB. Many people claim that hydrosols have calming and soothing effects on people, esp children, and I was going to market one as a infant soothing room spray and one as a monster spray. I guess I can still do the other, but oh well.

MMS has some good prices on hydrosols. www.thesage.com

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I made this for my 3 year old. It worked wonders. After 1 week she knew all the monsters were already gone and now will go to bed on her own and turn out the lights. My only suggestion is to scent it very, very light. She sprayed it everywhere and went through 8oz in that 1 week.

Now for my other two we convinced them that monsters are afraid of flowers. There is something with a flower pattern in every room and we told them they will not enter any room that has even one tiny flower in it. Hey what ever works right.;)

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