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Help with Orange Clove

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I need a bit of help wicking Orange Clove. I use J300, 8% fo load, zinc wicks and liquid orange color in wide mouth half pint and pint canning jars. I have tried fragrance oils with several different suppliers and every OC I have tested the wicks seem to cause tunnel burning. The 1st burn is always wonderful - full MP 1/2" deep throwing like crazy then on the 2nd burn the wick starts to fade out leaving a skin along the edge of the jar. The 3rd burn and throughout the remaining candle the wick tunnels. I had given up on the OC last season and all my customers have begged me to bring it back for this year. I cannot figure this fragrance oil out for the life of me. I have tried the 60 and 62 zinc and HTP 1212 (caused way too much smoking). Any suggestions?

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the oc i am using is from candle cocoon and i just finished testing in jj's and used lx wicks and they worked beautiful. i know this may not help but if you maybe have some lx laying around you could try those? i used lx16 in 16 oz jj and lx 14 in the 8 oz..i may go down to the lx12 though...


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