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Oils by Nature Shea Butter


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Ok, I have been running low on Shea, was getting it from CF but theres has not been consistant when I make Whipped Shea Butter. So today a wholesale account calls to place an order for Whips and don't you know I have been meaning to order from some other suppliers to test consistancy etc but like always don't scramble until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary:(

So I decide to buy from OBN, heard a lot of good things about them plus they are in Ohio, I am in KY, just not close enough to pick it up.

My wholesale account likes the refined shea butter so I purchased the Extra Refined, has anyone used this grade and how did it whip if used in butters? Nothing like coming and asking after I made the purchase:D


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I, too, am unhappy with the shea butter from CF these days. It's no longer pretty, white, and firm. My last bucket was yellow, grainy, and a bit sticky. I would kill to have that shea butter back!

I've bought it from OBN a couple of times and it was very oily, stickier and yellow in the bucket. If you're accustomed to CF's former white, firm shea butter, you won't get it at OBN, at least in my past experience.

I can't answer how it does in whipped butters since I don't do those, but thought the description comparison might help.


Oops, I just noticed they have a new extra refined butter that claims to be white and firm. Although the old one also had a similar description that wasn't accurate, this one may be better. Please let us know when you receive it! :)

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i get the one from obn that haiku hills(?) used to sell and i love it. it is yellowish green, but when i whip it with some other butters and oils, it is white.

i look at it this way, the more they refine it, the more goodies they take out.

think white bread and how they have to put back in some of the stuff (vitamins, fiber) that the refining takes out.

and i don't get any strong aroma from the butter, when i whip my formula, it has no scent unles i scent it...............


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I had to do some digging but I've tried:

Refined Shea-soft & sticky, believe this is now the cosmetic version

Natural Shea-soft & sticky

Virgin Shea-nice texture, greenish tinge, I may have had a smellier batch but the scent literally makes me gag in the container and in products even with a heavier FO load

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