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Runny Whipped Shea?


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Have you tried putting it in the freezer for about 5 minutes and then rewhipping? Then whip for awhile and put it back in the freezer. Keep doing that untill it stays whipped. Are you using a stand up mixer or a hand one? I found with my stand up it works much better. I also put my beaters in the freezer for a few minutes sometimes to help. I have never put glycerin in mine though, that may be the reason it won't whip too.

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Hmm I'm curious about adding the glycerine, can you let us know how it feels? How much did you add?

I'm still learning all this lotion type stuff (even though this is a "butter I classify it in my head the same) but I've been making the shea butters for a while and wondering why the need to add the glycerine?

It's just that I've heard that the glycerine can give a sticky feeling, but I also know it's a humectant, which is good, so please let me know how it feels k? ;)

Does Snowdrift give any explanation for the ingredients they use?

Off to check..... :D

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