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A funny thing happened at the craft show today!


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Get this! We took our stuff to a craft show one town over. Lady came up to my husband and asked if he made these..he said yes, she then told him that she passed a sign earlier in the week that was hiring a candlemaker and maybe he would be interested. He about rolled over laughing...he said yeah, but I already work there!! 36_11_6.gif

Also, seen someone else there selling our candles that we wholesaled to....under cut us by 20%, but we had a good show and our display looked primo!

Newspaper guy came over and took a picture of our floaters, and raved about them, said he was sending over his wife later today. Maybe we'll be in the newspaper!12_1_128.gif


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My dad came in carrying the paper, so I knew it was in there. No pic, just pics of the Harvest Queens 15_3_2v.gif 4_15_7.gif . My name was mentioned, and I was the only crafter mentioned, so got my liitle bit of fame, too bad its a one town circulation paper.....

Now got a show sat, a wedding show sunday, a w/e off then off to a 2 weekend show that gathers 10's of thousands of people each w/e. I gave up craft shows a while back, but seems I'm back in the game for at least this year.

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