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Never done a craft show


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I have been been thinking about doing a craft show, but don't know where to start. I don't want to get intimidated by doing one of these huge ones at this time of year, but I know that there is a place near hear that has a "Flea Market" every Sunday, so I was thinking of trying that out. Any suggestions on what to do for a beginner? Should I light some candles? Should I bring some Pillars? I have seen others use coffee beans to reset the nose...is this true? SHould I do this? How do I find out about other craft shows in my area? I'm sure I will have more questions, lol.

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Start by going out and scoping the shows you know of and see what's there. Check out the booths and see what they're doing for displays and such.

Read the link Tanna posted.

Yes, coffee beans/grounds do work.

What do you make that you think you're ready to sell? Specifically, if you're looking at doing candles and you sell pillars, well then I would think you'd bring pillars.

You'd have to check the rules of your show as to whether you can have lit stuff or not.

Check your Chamber of Commerce or areas around you. Check the link Tanna posted. Seriously go looking for craft shows, like usually at festivals, fairs etc. there are booths.

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One day shows at a church or school are a good way to get your feet wet. They are usually under $50 and can be fould close enough you don't have to pay a motel bill. Many also allow you to rent tables. If you find you like doing shows, you can start developing your booth and product line.

Definately go to shows.. talk to the crafters there. Ask them how they like the show, the promoter, how often they have done the show. Look at the displays and see what sells. I like to do this before I add a show to my schedule.

Have product in several price ranges. If all you have is a $x.00 candle, you might be missing some of your market. Even the .50 / $1.00 sales add up if you get enough of them.

Most of all have fun! I've never had a bad show because the goal has never been to make a lot of money but to meet people and have fun. Making money is the benefit, not the focus. I think people can feel the difference.

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Well, I found out that this small town outsisde of the city is doing a cratf show in November. It's $15 to rent the table, and I'm waiting for more info.

I'm nervous. I've never done a show. How much product should I bring? Should I bring samples of all my scents or just a few? I sell votives, tealights, container candles and pillar candles. Should I bring a few of each thing? Or just mainly votives and tealights, because I am assuming those would sell the most.


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