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Votive wax


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I have a votive kit from Peaks,and the list of supplys says 10 lb "SLAB" of Peaks votive blend MP:130.The wax that came with the kit is in a pellet form,that says Peaks votive blend MP:130.Can someone tell me what is the name of this wax.

Another question,if you have used this wax do you get a good hot scent throw?I can't smell anything from none that I have made.They are burning good.I am using a LX12 wick.I don't think it is cande nose because I am testing a container in the bedroom,and I can smell it strong.

Could it be this wax?


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That's a special votive blend that Peak used to carry as a house brand. They don't normally sell it anymore but I guess they still have some packaged with the kits. It's similar to other votive blends and the pellets are more convenient for you to start off with.

Votives are very small candles so the scent throw is less than with other types. That means you either have to use a higher amount of fragrance or a fragrance oil that's extra strong.

The wax might not be able to hold much more than 1 oz per pound but you could try 1 1/4 oz and see how it works. Otherwise, try different fragrance oils and you'll notice some work better than others.

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