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Label question regarding soy


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For those of you who use a soy wax that has soy and other vegetable oils, how do you describe your wax on your candle label on the front? Natural Soy Candle? I do not want to have any false advertising. Thanks for any input. :)

This is how Calwax describes their product that I use:

CALSOY CB3 All Natural Container Blend

This blend is made from 100% hydrogenated soy and vegetable oils. A one pour blend with minimal shrinkage in most containers. Candles made from this product are very smooth, with excellent scent throw.

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I don't now may label on the bottom will say contains natural waxes.

I don't push the fact it is soy mainly because I do other types of waxes also paraffin and Palm for pillar BW for tapers and some votives.

Thanks, Vicky. I have never used a label on the front before, so I have always stated what kind of wax used on the bottom on the warning label. I have always typed in small print right under the the name of my company: Candle made with soy/veggie wax. I do not worry about how it looks on the bottom so much, but that would be kinda wordy on the front and not attractive. It would not look good either if it says Soy/Vegetable Candle. I too will be offering other types of wax (soy/paraffin). However, it is nice to be able to let the customers know which one is soy and which one is a soy/para candle. I am undecided at the moment. :confused:

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