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The very first time I ever made a candle, I got my stuff from them. I had no idea what to purchase and found their store on ebay. The owner emailed me right away and asked me to phone him. I did and he knew right away that I didn't have a clue. I bought 10 lbs of wax (pure soy I guess) wicks and 8 oz jj, and fragrance. He also sent instructions and was there for me when I had questions. I have ordered more since that first time simply because of the cs and the quality of the fo's. Maybe that's why I don't know a damn thing about wicking. The wicks he sent all made for a case of perfect candles with great scent throw. I thought after that, that it would be easy doing different things. Boy, was I in the dark.

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Thanks for replying.. :) I am not using soy now but might end up trying it. I was wondering how good their container blend was thats not soy.. I heard good things about their FO and was thinking about ordering as well.. its just hard because candles and supplies is 5 minutes from my house and dont pay any shipping lol But I want to shop around and see what else is there..

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