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Those that make Bakery Candles

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I make bunt cakes but have a problem with the drizzle frosting.

The wax I use for frosting now looks great and white when first poured. I do not pour to hot so as not to melt the cake or get any cake color in the frosting.

My problem is after sitting on the shelf for a while under daily lights the frosting turns from white to a light brown color, not good enough to sell anymore.

What single wax or wax blend would work to keep this from happening?

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I tried UV and it did not work for my embeds bleeding. I assume this is the same thing. The icing is pulling the color from the cake. The only thing that works for me is J300 wax. I bought a slab just to add to icing and embeds.

That could be. I'll also try some different wax blends and see what works.

How about a soy container with a paraffin pillar wax?

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I use soy container and have tried... Clean wax, KY's Perfect, natural votive blend/Stra & Pitch ? and J300. Have found when I mixed J300 with soy it makes a great icing and mixing Clean wax with J300 it makes good embeds. Neither is perfect but it's better than what I had. Since I have trouble with my soy looking dry after awhile adding the J300 to the topping really keeps this from happening. Right now I have a batch of soy that is not as drying so for the holidays I'll be ok but still adding the J300 for the icing.

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