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Whipped Soap...


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Geez, my whipping is taking forever!! How long does it take to thicken up?

It's been in my KA for about 20 minutes... I took the "cover" off and let air get too it.....

I'l post picture's when I'm finished... it's cake frosting...

Brenda, you seem the the expert. How long does it usually take you?

This is the recipe I'm using.

45 % Palm

15% Sal

20% Coconut

10% rice bran

10% castor

Maybe I should use 100% hard fats next time.....

I'll post picture's when it's FINALLY done....

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I did whip the hard oils (and forgot the soft oils but added them after I added the lye solution... I'm sure that didn't screw it up)..... It was HELL getting it to thicken... my mother said "well, maybe you should let it sit for a few minutes... it sure helped)

Your whipped soap looks SO good... of course you're an expert!! :grin2:

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