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Do it yourself website?


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I need some feedback on Do it yourself website? Have any of you used this?

Is it easy to maintain, easy to do, etc.? I would like to do my own site and maintain it and I don't have much knowledge. I need something that is easy and can keep updated with new products, without breaking my bank account. I had a lady working on my site and it was costing me mega bucks so I decided to let her go after the price was getting so high.


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I've used Go Daddy's Website Tonight where you're suppose to be able to build a complete website in one night. That's a frigging joke. After working with that stinking program for 10 hours straight and not being able to go beyond the "coming soon" message, I finally gave up in frustration. I'm sure there's some do-it-youself web builders that are easier and less frustrating, but I don't happen to know what they are. I'm currently working on my website in Microsoft Front Page, which is really easy to work with, and when completed I'll just publish it to my site.

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