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New here and overwhelmed


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Hi there!

Bath and Body newbie alert. I have been lurking for about a month now and finally decided to ask for help.

I have been making candles for about 9 years and finally decided to 'slide' over to bath and body side. I know all about research and testing and am looking for something to get my creativity flowing again. You tend to get in a rut when your customers only want votives and container refills. :tongue2:

Although I still love making candles, I have found it starting to bore me a bit.

I have been drooling over all the recipies and yummy sounding body stuff. Reading reading reading..........

So here I am wanting to make everything that you guys are talking about! :bliss:

Settle down........I know.

I want to start making 'scrubs' and eventually would like to add lip balms and body butters. (probably other things too, knowing myself the way I do) I would like to get a few different ingredients that I can use in multiple recipies.

I was hoping that maybe someone could help me get a list together. I am so overwhelmed........ because like I said before, I want to do it all!!! I am loosing control.....hahaaaa

So in an effort to control myself this is what I have come up with so far:





Mango butter

Shea butter

preservative(I am really lost on this one....any recs??)

(of course sugar and possibly salts)

On that note, what is the difference between the salt and sugar scrubs?? Aside from the obvious......is one more exfoliating than the other? Do they have different benefits on the skin?

There are so many things I want to try :laugh2: I am really having a hard time finding a starting point. I don't remember candles being so overwhelming.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their recipies and their time.

Jen :)

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sugar vs salt....

well, IMHO sugar tends to be a bit more gentle, though plenty exfoliating. I also like sugar cause if you have a cut or a scrape salt is ouchie (of course so is scrubbing).

but I also have an ant problem in my house so have to be suuuuuuper careful to not get any on the floor (I scrub before I shower) and to rinse any residual down the drain.

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