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I am in "sniffin" heaven here!


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Last weekend I ordered FO's from 3 (new to me) suppliers. Yesterday I got my Pumpkin Cornbread from Backwoods....VERY nice oob smell (and the hazelnut coffee sniffie she sent is so true and strong!)! Can't wait to try it in soap and wax. Today I got my 5-2oz sampler from Daystar....OMG the honey shea is steller! Along with the Buttermilk Honey! And Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies..I could drink that one! Brown Sugar and Fig and Kitchen Spice are excellent OOB. I also got my order from Tony's today and I think I have finally found my TRUE Rice Fower & Shea.............very very nice OOB! Can't wait to try it out in soap! I also ordered Black Pepper...delish OOB also. I am in heaven and can't wait to try these out in soaps and wax!! Will let you know what I think after I play with them!

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let me know how the Rice Flower & Shea behaves in CP, the one I tried (Scent Works maybe? can't remember) riced on me though I pretty much beat it into submission.

sounds like fun!

It worked like a charm.....did not rice at all!! Brought it to a thicker trace pretty fast but nothing unmanagable.....and man does it smell good! I did this one in an Oatmeal, Shea and Soy Milk batch...can't wait to see how it looks coming out of the mold. Didn't add any color...wanted a very natural looking bar and hoping the soy milk turns it to a nice light tan.

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