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2 Soaps using the water soluble paper


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PLEASE look right past that LAME bottle labelling I was up till 4am yesterday making it for a b-day/sleepover that my son's at right now, so I "threw" it together quickly.

I took his friend its for to school today and said I hope you like what I made you. He was so cute, his eyes lit up and he said you made it !! He's 12 and LUVS the ducks in a pond soap I make... when he comes over he'll come into my soap room and watch me sometimes in amazement. Its a nice change from my kids saying your soaping AGAIN ?! :rolleyes2


His favorite team and player, scented Tsunami




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Those are really nice? You used tsunami Axe Type? My ex BF ued to wear the deodorant and I thought it was the best smelling "cologne" in the world... I have a sample of it from FNWL... I thought about using this FO.... You do wonderful creative jobs with your soaps. You're an inspiration!

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