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? About Math and %'s

Candle Man

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I do not know if this will help you but here are some basic of percents. When working with a formula. First you always start with 100%.. If you have 1 lb Say you want 25 % then that would be 1/4th of your 100% . so there is 16 oz in a lb divide that by the 1/4 you would get 4.

say you have a formula of 100 % and you want a lb here is what you get

30% = 4.8 oz

25% = 4 oz

20% = 3.2 oz

15 % =3.4

10% = 2.6

_____ ____

100% 16 oz

Maybe I have comfused the issue even more. Here is a link that may help you. I will be more than happy to try to explain this more if you need it. Maybe some one else can do it better than this.


Also here is a good calculator for percent to oz or what ever you want.


I hope this helps you. Sue

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to calculate a % you divide each component by the total batch size and multiply by 100.

Say you have a batch of

33 grams X

12 grams Y

22 grams z

total is 33+12+22 = 67 grams

take 33 divided by 67 = 0.4925

multiply this by 100 to get 49.25%

and so forth to end up with

49.25% X

17.91% Y

32.84% Z


to get how much of each component you should use to make a certain batch size do this:

figure out your total batch size you want to make.

Take this total and multiply it by the % for each component, then divide by 100 (or you could just move the decimal place in the % two places to the left and then multiply)

Say you want to make a 200 gram batch:

For X, you can take 49.25 times 200 = 9850, then divide by 100 to get 98.50 grams (or you can take 0.4925 X 200 = 98.50)

to end up with

98.50 grams X

35.82 grams Y

65.68 grams Z

total 200 grams


And finally, if you want to know what batch size you can make if you only have 60 grams of X left, do this....

calculate 60 grams = 49.25% of ???

6 grams divided by 49.25 times 100 = 121.8 (or 60 grams divided by 0.4925 = 121.8) which is the total batch size you can make....

and that's my school marm contribution for today.

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Whoa there! Are you going to have to change your name to B&B man? Sounds suspicious, LOL.

No I don't think so.

You know how it is, candles alone will not pay the bills year round so I also make B&B products to take up slack sales of candles and get double sales (both Candles & B&B) during the Holiday's.

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