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Wanting to start a website just need a little help with this

theresa t

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I am wanting to start my own website but am really unsure of where to start. I'm not computer literate so would need a server that is fairly easy to work as far as how to set it up. I am also looking for something that is not real expensive or one that I don't have to pay for a year upfront. I know that I will have to pay for the domain name in advance for the year and would like to not have that be an expensive thing to do also. I know that I may be asking alot here as far as expense goes but I do know that there are some servers that do not charge your arm, leg and first born! Any ideas on where to go to start or where some of you have sites at that are easy to set up that are not expensive? I would also like to have one that has a shopping cart on it with the option to pay through Paypal and maybe even a shipping calculator that can be set up. Am I asking for too much? I am so new to this website thing so any help would be greatly appreciated from any of you.


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I use (and love) WAHM Shoppes (www.wahmshoppes.com) They have all the things you're wanting for $7/month. Shopping cart with shipping calculators, paypal options and they also have some basic graphics that you can use at no additional charge. You can also have your own graphics made- price will vary by designer. I think I paid around $50 for my custom webset which is incredibly reasonable. I registered my domain with Yahoo for 4.95/year. WAHM Shoppes is very easy to use- I knew nothing about websites and how they worked when I started, but I had my site up and running within a day or two.

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