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Webstore Update


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Using all the helpful tips you peeps gave me I have updated my site. I think it looks a whole lot more interesting and hopefully will grab the eye more.

go to www.candalisacandles.com

Thank you!

BTW--- anything you want to add to improve it I will appreciate. I got some really good input from you all.

Funkymonkey-- how does that pic look now?:smiley2:

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Yeah. I am considering my options for safeguarding my pics. Watermarking has its pros and cons. My designer is gonna show me another option but says he will have to teach it to me. Sorry I don't remember what it was-- something about a flash thing so you can't right click and save it. Not the right click disable but something else. I am not sure about watermarking cause I don't want to change the quality of the pick. Plus he reminded me that watermarks can still be cut out and the pics still used.

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The watermarking I do is a light gray of my logo used in the center of the photo. It doesn't really dimish the quality, thankfully. I'm glad you are considering options. The photos are so nice that it would be a shame to look up another site and see your hard work staring you in the face.

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