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A different pour pitcher...

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Those are actually oil cans. You can get them at some auto part stores I have seen them in farm implement stores.

I have some they are okay but I like my regular pouring pitcher better. But they do hold more wax. They are kind of a pain to clean.

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I think so if I am pouring a lot I prefer them because I can really pour fast and move on to the next jar with just a little bit of clean up later.

They also hold a lot more wax regular pouring pitcher hold only about 50 pourable ounces they hold more but I have found anything more that 50 oz. too much to pour with out creating a mess. The oil cans that I have will hold almost 90 oz that is pourable with out a mess. But your arm does get tired after a while.

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You said you have some of these, does the handle transfer heat and get to hot to handle?

BTW - What does yours look like and where did you get them?

Mine are the flexible ones you just showed in your picture.

Yes the heat does transfer so I use a pot holder I did try taping up the handles but that didn't work as well as I would have liked. I got them locally from a supply house had to have a tax ID and prove I had a store front before they would sell to me. Yea I think I paid like $10 or $12 but I can't remember for sure it was over 2 years ago.

Word of warning about the flexible ones you need to run some JB weld around the spout where the can and the flex hose meet because sometimes the heat causes them to separate. It only happened on 1 of the 8 that I do have. So I cleaned them all and used some JB weld on them and have never had a problem since.

Cleaning is a pain the best way I have found to clean them is the oven but you have to make sure the spout is point slighty skyward so the wax comes out in to the can itself.

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My husband said that our Farm and Ranch store in our town has them. for about $12. I will check them out when I go into pick up my jars today. If they do have them...and anyone is interested I will gladly buy more and ship them to anyone that wants them for cost and shipping.

Stay tuned!


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