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Help choose Day Star scents PLEASE


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I got a GC from my SB for my birthday yesterday and need help choosing between the following fragrances from Day Star! Any and all opinions are appreciated! Thanks!

These are what Im interested in and in the order that Im considering! I will probably only be able to get one bottle possibly two! I want to be able to use whatever scent I choose for both soap and candles!

Cookie Dough.........would love to make this into a chocolate chip cookie scent on some things!

Iced Carrot Cake

Home for the holidays

Rootbeer Granita Float

Simply Vanillla

Ice Box Lemon Pie


Tell me what you think!!

Thanks and God Bless,


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If you go to the fragrance forum here, go to the 3rd page & then go down about 5 posts & you'll find a bunch of suggestions for Daystar FO's. There may even be more if you search around.

Of the ones you listed, I've only tried Simply Vanilla & love it.

Maybe you can squeeze in a sampler pack to try some stuff because they have so many wonderful oils. But, they have the hands down, BEST Buttercream Frosting out there. Whether to use alone, of to mix. Also for bath and body, the Buttermilk & Honey is like nothing else, really good. You won't hear many people saying anything negative about Daystar, if at all! They are great oils, quick shipping, etc..

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