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masking oil odor?


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I'll keep it short and quick...Is there a way to mask a vegetable type smell from an oil in order to allow it to carry your fragrance well? Actually I mean to ask, is there an additive that will essentially deodorize an oil? Thanks for any input. - Laura

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Well... it's actually a bottle of soy oil. My sister gave it to me unopened and i had never seen it before. It's a very generic looking bottle and doesn't give any info on what it is for. I did a quick internet search and only found things either touting how soy is good or bad, but not how to use it. The bottle only says Ingredients: Soybean oil. I tried a bit on my skin and it's nice and light but it seemed to change the Fragrance and retained a faint but noticeable corn or vegetable type odor for a while, but did eventually wear off and leave only the smallest amount of fragrance. My pupose for it? Eh- I don't know. Was thinking as an additive to b&b type stuff, massage oil, etc.

I was just experimenting and wondering. Heck I don't know, maybe it's for cooking!:laugh2: I barely do any of that either so i'm doubly uninformed, lol. :o

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