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Anyone order from here before?


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Was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from here before?

I just found out that they are maybe 5-10 minutes from my mom.

I think it's cool they are right down home by where I used to live.

This would save me a lot of shipping if I could get my mom to pick my orders up. (ma don't know it yet tho hehehe):D

My mom says they are really nice people.

Wondering if the jars are good?


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All of the glassware is tested for gel wax and boy do they put them through a lot to make sure they will stand up to gel wax and gel temps. Look at the FAQ page.

I never ordered from them mainly because of shipping cost but if shipping was not a concern I would have. I remember when they first started selling glassware.

They are great for the small crafter or hobbiest. I would not order now because honestly I have grown beyond them.

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