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mad at my self...


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I am so mad at myself. I wanted to try out a new FO so badly that when I melted my MP soap added the FO i was too impatient to wait for it to cool, and poured it too hot. Now my mold is warped. Good thing it is a cheapie mold from the craft store!

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Sara, thats true! But it is the mold I am mad about not the soap LOL. The soap is just for me but now I have to go buy a new mold. The thing is that the craft store is all the way up town on a street called Peach Street. That street is so congested most of the time, that here in Erie it is better known as "Peach Jam". HAHA. What is one melted mold right? Thanks for helping me see the positive in it Sara!

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I am sorry about your mold but MAN PEACH STREET... that is like every vacation i have ever had ... lol... we always stop at the crakel barel there and not to mention other things... OH AND THE ERIE ZOO... let me tell you fab! I wish I lived there

Oh my god, so you totally know what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the zoo is not on Peach it is on the corner of 38th and Glenwood Park Ave. That area is not so bad, but let me tell you when I get off work Peach Street is jammed with traffic, and it is bad on the weekends too. Now If I could go in the morning on a weekday, I might be ok but, I am at work. I grew up around dirt roads in the boonies, so the Peach Jam is a horror for me!

Bttrflikiss, this is the mold that I melted.


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