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Best Clean Scent?


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I'm sure I could probably search but I'm looking for quick answers, so I need your help. What are the best scents as far as : clean cotton, clothesline fresh, downy april fresh, gain scent, etc.

Do you guys carry each of these or just one and who has the best FO's?


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I carry Clean Cotton (Peaks), Downy Fresh (Peaks), Summer Breeze (from KY, smells like Gain), Downy Clean Breeze (NG), Country Clothesline (JS) and Clothesline Fresh (MC) It's kind of a lot of "clean" smells but each one is different and they're very popular with my customers. Of those- Downy Clean Breeze from NG is my bestseller.

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Thanks guys!

I bought Downy Clean Breeze and Island Fresh Gain from NG so I'll give them a try.I also bought Fresh Laundry and April Fresh Downey from ICS. OOB I can't figure out which one smells the best. Too many clean scents to choose from.

I did pour Flannel Sheets today from AH/RE and it smells awesome. Has anyone tried this one?

Another question - I ordered so many from NG in my initial buying frenzie, which FO's from NG do you guys like the best and do you have to use more FO per lb wax. I'm using Naturewax soy and I poured Best Friends at 1oz per lb but it seems mild. Should I use more FO?


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These are my favorite fresh and clean scents:

Sunwashed Linen (Save on Scents - Yankee Candle Dupe)

Fresh Comfort (Save on Scents - Yankee Candle Dupe)

Clean Cotton (Peak - Yankee Candle Dupe)

Juniper Breeze (Peak - BBW Dupe)

Crisp Clean Air (Nature's Garden) LOVE THIS ONE!

Morning Glory and Honeysuckle (Nature's Garden - Downy Dupe)

Downy Clean Breeze (Nature's Garden - Downy Dupe)

Nantucket Briar (Nature's Garden - Crabtree & Evelyn Dupe)

Summer Breeze (KY Candle Wax Supply - Gain Detergent Dupe)

White Clouds (KY Candle Wax Supply)

Cool Citrus Basil (KY Candle Wax Supply - BBW Dupe)

Herbal Ecstasy (Tradewinds) Unbelievable throw with this one! Even better than Herbal Essence!

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