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Looking for shower gel / liquid soap base


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Looking for a good base that is easy to use --- something where you can just add color and FO and bottle up. Any suggestions? I've tried two so far and haven't been thrilled.

Tried Brambleberry's liquid soap base and while the consistency was wonderful, it had a "plastic" smell to it that I just didn't care for. Wasn't what I would call offensive or anything, but even the FO I added couldn't mask it. (Don't get me wrong, I love Brambleberry's products & service, it's just that this particular one wasn't a favorite.)

Also tried Snowdrift Farm's One-Soap base, you're supposed to be able to make everything with it (shower gel, liquid soap, bubble bath). It was okay but you have to add your own saline solution (dendritic salt/distilled water) to thicken/thin it, and that's just an extra step I prefer not to have to do. I did make some bubble bath with it and it bubbles like crazy, but I've noticed that some of the coloring separates out in a layer on the bottom after is sits a while.

Thanks in advance!

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I use one of WSP's, the: "Shower Gel - Crystal clear". I like it because it doesn't water down when I add FO & doesn't have an overbearing base smell that needs to be covered up. I think I've seen the same one at soapandthings.com too.

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