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I'm gonna try a layer


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I LOVE Peak Coconut Banana Blast but there are two problems:

1. It discolors to DARK brown (gorgeous, but leaves an icky brown on my soap dish)

2. I only have a litte


Today I'm trying a layered thing.

Thin layer (25%) with GM but no FO

Thick layer with the CBB

Thin layer (25%) with GM but no FO

I'm too afraid to try a swirl in one layer, but think I can handle this one!

Cross your fingers for me.

I'll post pics when I find my camera...

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Yeah I would like to know how it turns out too. I have been scared/lazy to try layers...lol

LOL...everytime I see someone mention this FO I laugh. SlowBurn sent me a candle in it a few yrs ago...I called her and told her what I thought of the scent. I swear it smells just like crack cocaine..LOL I kept walking by the burning candle thinking I cant smell anything...then I was sitting at my desk waiting on a customer and I thought..WOW...is this guy smoking crack? He smells just like it....then I realized it was the candle...LMAO

So...if the soap turns out...you may have a WHOLE new market for it that you were not counting on...LMAO:D

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well, never having smelled crack cocaine....

Funny though, I gave a bar of it to the folks who run my daughter's daycare center and the next day they came outside as I was driving away to ask me what that was. I thought they were fascinated by how dark the color was but perhaps it's the scent! I'll have to ask.

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Drat. It's gonna be a nightmare. I made a soap ball with some of the stuff I scraped out of the bowl for my middle layer - and it's oozing lye-hot liquid. I think I accidentally used 1.4 oz FO ppo.

Double drat

well, we'll see tomorrow...

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