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I was looking at the new wine wicks site that was posted but I can't seem to find the post right now to reply. Anyways great job! Where do you get the graphics and pictures from? I was just wondering because I would like to have mine redone but I don't know where to go to get tuscan pictures like that?

Are they yours and if not did you have to get permission and pay to use them on the site? I found images I would like to use but the owner wanted like 500.00 bucks. Yeah right.


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Okay, Thanks I will check her out. Did you guys have to pay for the pictures because of the copyright laws and stuff, or does she take the pictures her self for the design or does she make the images in like photo shop? Or did you have to provide them?

I guess I should be asking her this. Thanks guys for your help.

I just want to make sure so I don't get sued or something.

I know from experiance that walmart will not even put a picture of "you" on a cake even if walmarts photography took the picture. They say copyright laws blah blah.Doesn't even make sense? LOL I figured if they are that serious about a freaking cake that you are just gonna eat anyway, what will they do if my entire web site comes into question if I can't prove they are my pictures. :undecided

I checked out the link, all her stuff looks great.

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I agree Tweek about the cake.Once you scarf it down how can they prove it.This is the first I heard they won't copy photos on a cake.Hey you pay big bucks to have them make it and then not eat it.Gee things are bad. I know of stores that do make them unless that has changed.

I heard a good one today.A vet took some purebred puppies to the animal shelter and was to bring the papers back the next day.He did but the puppies were euthanized.I have no idea why or the story but was told it was in the paper.So this vet is suing the shelter.For one thing he/she can fix it for FREE IMO.So why breed when there are eough purebred dogs.I wonder if the vet wasn't able to sell them so put them off on the shelter. Who knows.A lawsuit waiting to happen.If it does happen???????????????


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