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Presto kitchen kettle

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I am trying to add a spigot to my kitchen kettle.

I can not find the 19/32 drill bit a home depot or lowes.

Is there another size that can be used?

Does anyone know the thread tap size needed?

It does not mention the size in the instructions.

Please help

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Hi Customtile,

I couldn't find 19/32 either so I sent my hubby out on a mission and he came home with a 5/8...it was just a hair larger so we had to use some type of silicone sealer on the outside of the pot but it seems to be holding up very well no leaks so far....:wink2:

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You can use any size you want. But you MUST buy fittings the same size. Go to a small hardware store and get help. The guy that works in the plumbing area should be able to help you out.

The sizes listed on the instruction page are just a guideline, not the absolute must have size.

Good Luck.


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I had to go to a industrial hardware store to get it also you may want to perform a search for drillco suppliers in your area as they will carry the drill bit and the thread tapper for the 3/8" fitting. Also if you do go up a size of chip the pot you can use jb weld or silicone to help it I know. i chipped my pot and it leaked a little after i put the spout on. after putting jb weld on it no more leaks. (Note jb wled says it is good for under 300 degrees.)

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I used a 1/2 inch drill bit with a 3/8 shank because I had a 3/8 drill. Then used a rotary file (pine cone shaped) that fit in the drill to make the hole bigger.

I used an 11/16 tap and started the tap as soon as I was able to get it started in the hole. In other words I stopped filing as soon as I was able to get the tap started. The tap basically only makes one thread because the pot is thin.

I used JB weld automotive and industrial rated up to 600 degrees to seal. Made three of them, they work good. :wink2:

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