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chunky candle ?

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Hey everyone!

Quick question... I tried making a chunky candle today. I used straight parafin wax overpour (no dyes), and made my chunks with the same wax but dyed one set blue and one red. Well it says to heat the wax to 190 to make the chunks bleed a little. What happened for me was once I began pouring, the dye from the red chunks bled so much that now my candle is not clear, but pinkish. I'm not sure yet how the rest looks because it's still cooling, but I imagine that the chunks aren't visible anymore? Why did they bleed so much? Do I need a lower overpour temp? Also as I was throwing chunks into the mold, I was wondering how the wick is kept straight, as I kept having to re-arrange the chunks a million times to lay off the wick?

Thanks! ;)

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Yep you poured too hot...I usually pour around 175, hotter if I want it to bleed. You should still see your chunks though...Red is tricky anyway, it just likes to bleed...one of those things...

so now you'll have a pink and red chunky, it should still look cute though...I am hardly ever unhappy with how they come out...except for the fugly black and pink ones i tried...ugh! lol

hope that helps...

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Hi, I'm still only a novice really at candle making, and was having the same problem with my chunks! I read about microcrystalline hard in a candle making book, and it works really well. It strengthens the chunks if u add it to the wax u use for the chunks. It means they don't all melt when you add the overpour wax, so the colour doesn't bleed very much. If you did want the colour to bleed a bit you could just try a sligtly higher temp, but microcrystalline hard is great and isn't needed in large quantities

Hope that helps

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