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Key Lime & Hyacinth MP (lots of pictures)


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First, I had a vison; so I made a bunch of embeds and put them in a bowl.


Next, I put them in the mold and poured clear MP around them.


I could not belive how beautiful my creation looked so, when it was ready, I cut it in to bars. But, falling in place with the rest of my luck today, the darn things fell apart.


So, I cut some of it into chunks and remelted some of it. The scientific name for this is "half-ass repour".


This is what it looked like unmolded.


Then I cut the my re-creation into bars with a krinkle cutter.


And packaged them.


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I will SECOND the "incredibly patient" comment! (well, the creative one too, LOLOL!)

Ida been flinging those sons-a-biscuit-munchers right out the window as hard as I could if it'd been me. Cops woulda picked me up for soapin the flyin squirrels to death. You're to be commended for your perseverance!

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The final bars look nice all wrapped up! Like your label. :)

I also enjoyed the photographic diary of this bar's creation. It clearly demonstrates that you are persistent as well as very creative! It's too bad the soap separated but you made the best of it, that's for sure. Great job!

I bet it smells good! :smiley2:

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