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candle cocoon Fo's in soy, have you tried...


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Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness

Crème Brule Cafe

Cucumber Melon

NEW*Orange Tea and Crumpets*NEW

I need one more pound for a discount and these are the ones I haven't tried.

I will only being pouring this in soy.


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The carmel is great in just about any wax, I've used it in straight soy, parasoy and paraffin. It doesn't sell straight for me, but mixed with apple for my carmel apples is a good seller or mixed with the VAnilla Voodoo is great also. I just tested the Orange Tea & Crumpets and it has a good, but a little lighter throw in my parasoy. I used it at 6%,but am gonna increase it to 8% and see if it's a bit stronger.

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