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cloudy oil with sediment- what to do?


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I just got a bunch of 1 lb. oils, and two of them are very cloudy and have sediment in the bottom of the bottle. I have shook them and it mixes for about 30 mins. and then everything settle to the bottom again. I am guessing that I got the the bottom of the barrel with these two oils. I am going to email the supplier about this..... but my question is....

did any of you try to use this "bottom of the barrel" oil before? Does it have negative effects on your finished product? I don't even want to try using the oil becuase I would be wasting wax if it isn't good or makes it ugly.

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Yep I'd contact the supplier, that's not good oil!! In the 7 years I've been doing candles and ordering from 20+ suppliers, I've never gotten an oil like that. In the winter, I will occasionally get an oil that crystalizes, but a few minutes in a warm water bath and they dissolve the way they should. If you ever find 'crap' in your oils, I would make sure the supplier took them back and replaced them with good oils!! :cool2:

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