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Hi everyone.

I've been searching the msg board for suppliers in the UK but not really found much :embarasse anyway was wandering if anyone could give me a list of some good suppliers in the UK. I've tried a few, but google search is useless and i'm trying to get a definitive list together to compare prices. I'm also hopefully gonna end up selling some, so want to maximise profits and minimise costs.


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I haven't found many suppliers over here but here are a few that I have found..



www.thorne.co.uk they do beekeeping but do have some candlemaking things.

www.poth-hille.co.uk Just a wax supplier. They emailed me a price list, just pm me if you want to see it.


Alan at candleicious is really nice and his wax is well priced.

You could also look on ebay for a few things.

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