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1st Attempt!!

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:bliss:Yay!! My 1st attempt at tarts went fairly well. I made a couple small batches. The first looks horrible.... in fact... I have seen vomit that looks better :laugh2:

However.... they smell lovely after curing them overnight. The second batch turned out looking a bit better....and smell great too.

So how do I get them "purtty"?

Ok.... seriously tho.... the 1st batch I heated to 170 (I use EzSoy)..... I cooled it down to 130 and added fo (blk cherry vanilla)....and poured when it was slushy (literally slushy, like I went to Sonic and ordered a slush). This one leaves a lot to be desired. They look lumpy.... but the cold throw is great.... and so is the hot throw.

Second batch... heated to 165....cooled to 125 and then added FO (citrus linen H20). This one I poured when it started to get "cloudy". These look much better but they seem to dip down in the center. How do I fix this? Hot throw on this one is fantastic....cured overnight.

I didn't use dye for either one.... only ez and FO.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Thanks Amy!!

I have been a tart making lunatic today. And I haven't noticed any more "dips"....so maybe the temperature in the house took it's toll on my first 2 batches? Hmmmmm...

So far, so good. Now I need to throw some color into the mix. I have not purchased any though...I can't decide on the different types. So many decisions, so little money :)

Thanks for the encouragement.

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I use EZ Soy, heat my wax to 175*, add color, add fo at 125*, stir to cloudy state just like you said & pour - if you wait til its slushy they turn out bumpy ugly things; like you had in the first pour.

I have had kids mistake mine for candy they look so good! Keep practicing!!

Good Luck!


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I'm glad you posted, I have been wondering all day how you made out.

Yes, EZ really is better when poured at a cloudy stage. Some of the others work best at the slushy stage...not EZ.

Watch out for the red colors, especially with the Black Cherry FO..I did straight Black Cherry.. Always a nightmare. Always. A lot of ppl do not color their soy because of the frosting problems. So, don't feel pressed to do so.

You could use a heat gun, or maybe try a hair dryer if you don't have the gun, and warm the tops a bit to get out the lumps.

You can pick up a decent heat gun for around $20 at Wal-Mart.

I've never used the hair dryer, but lots do, I can't honestly tell you how it works.

I'm really glad that you took the plunge, Congrats! You're on your way!

Are you going to do tea lights?

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Are you going to do tea lights?

Fern-Marie.... I can't even think about tea lites!! LOL .... although I probably should cause I use tea lite burners :cheesy2: I am so stoked about these tarts....and they really aren't anything fantastic.... though they do smell much better than they look. Tea lites may be in my future....how do you wick those little guys?! I will have to do some reading up about it. Thank you for warning about red! I will be a mess with dye... I can see it now..... I still do not know if I should use liquid, chips, or powder. I would like to stick w/ BCS because they are in TX, or maybe Taylored Concepts. I will look into it more. I think they would be more pretty with color. What about adding beeswax?

And Carlena, I am glad to hear you add FO @ 125 and pour during the cloudy state. I was hoping nothing crazy would happen if I didn't pour when slushy. Mine definately look nothing like candy!!! My kids say.... "WHAT is that?" That's ok... I will practice, practice, practice. But they smell good....which I think is important.....and they didn't cure very long.

** Thanks for the advice.... and encouragement**:)

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Pixi, Now that your getting the 'hang' of the Tarts - trying moving onto the T-Lites "YOU CAN DO IT!:highfive: "

I use a CD-3 wick in mine(using EZ Soy)and i pour just like i do when pouring tarts, if the tops look a little bumpy after cooling, just zap them with the heat gun a little - I sell a few - but burn more for myself; these little guys burn 5 hrs. each!! I use a bobby pin to hold my wick up straight.

*This will get you started on how/what to do, you'll eventually have your own way of doing things*

Good Luck & Let us know how its all coming along!:yay:


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Thank you Carlena. I was wondering how you hold the wick straight!! In all honesty, I think I should learn how to make tea lites.... I burn them like crazy. And if I can get them to burn for 5 hours each.... it would be worth all the "hair pulling" that I will do!! :D

I can see why people get addicted to making candles.... I may need to get a job to support my habit :grin2:

Thanks again!!

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They always smell better than they look..lol..that is the nature fo soy.

Tealights for EZ soy...I use TL 25s..I get them at Candle Science. They give a nice, even, consistent burn, self trimming...and last really long. I have had a few freaks that burned 12 hours. I have no idea why! But I usually get a consistent burn of 6-8 hours, then there's the occasional 10-12.

When I first started out I got a lot of dye chip samples. Well, the reds, again, do not fully dissolve! I even experimented with putting a chip in a little wax and heating the b'jeebers out of it in the microwave...nothing worked.

Advice: Stay away. Now, I use dyes. I do use some cips for lighter colors and they are fine. Greens for instance like Sage are nice.

I have a couple of the color blocks...same thing with the red, it will not dissolve.

Paraffin wax teas burn hot. So, IMO, do soy teas.

Did you melt any yet?

Can't wait to hear of your progress.

You're doing fine.

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Fern-Marie.... I have burning all day long :) I am truly addicted. As soon as I get free time, I make more tarts. And then... I got REALLY brave today. Just for fun, I melted some Ez....added FO (purple passion) and poured it into a 8oz jj. I am going to poke a hole down the center and test wicks. I couldn't help it!!! I have some cd wicks.... 14, 16, 18, and 20..... I think I will start with 14 since that is the smallest I have.

But the tarts are smelling lovely. The citrus linen H20 has a great hot throw.... and so does Water blossom ivy. I love them both. Candy corn doesn't throw at all (I will let it cure longer...but I have a feeling it's a dud), sugar cookies smells yummy but is soft..... ohhhhhh and pumpkin cheesecake is HEAVENLY :drool: but not as strong as I would like.

Is the curing process really, really important? Some of these scents are throwing from the get-go....or is it different for tarts?

I need to order more supplies!!

Maybe I will leave everything colorless..... I was just hoping to make them look more pretty. What about molds for tarts? Like something cute.... stars or something.... I have been looking....but I find jello molds.

Thanks again for the great info Fern-Marie.....I was about to order dye chips too (impulse buy at a supplier that has a thing or 2 I want...was trying to justify the purchase!!) But if I do start adding color.... I will go with liquid dye.

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Glad to hear you are having so much fun with your tarts. There are so many things you can find to use as molds for tarts. Candy molds, soap molds, mini muffin tins.

ahhhhhhh yes... Right now I am using a mini muffin pan that I normally use to make peanut butter cups! It is now my tart pan. But I would like to use something more appealing to the eyes :smiley2:

Thanks for the help.

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