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UGH - My presto pot temp control is going haywire

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I have a full pot of wax and went to check on it as it was melting. Normally it takes a good half hour or more to melt completely. When I checked it the temp was over 250* and smelling! and also a bit yellowish in color. My question is has anyone had this happen? Do I have to pitch out the entire batch or will it still be useable?

(I have a few choice words right now but will spare you all from my parrot tongue)

Blessings ~ Brenda

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Personally (and you're not going to like it), I'd pitch the batch...it sounds like the wax was scorched. You probably will not like your results if you proceed with this batch. I haven't had this problem with my Presto before...but maybe you're due for a new one. For what they do for us as chandlers, they're relatively inexpensive.

Sorry to hear that...you could try another batch, and just keep checking your thermometer...if it begins to heat up to quickly, take the wax off immediately. You could always make a double broiler from an old pot in another pot of water, and monitor the temp with your thermometer this way in the interim.

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A friend suggest a digital thermometer with an alarm. I found one on Amazon for under $20 and fell in love with it and it is a godsend. It could be a little tricky attaching it to whatever type pot you are using, but you can for time or temp. I just set for about 10 degrees below my target. So if I get districted (by the phone, preparing molds, etc), the alarm definitely helps me not forget. Just remember you want to and place as close to what will be the center when the wax has melted.


P.S. - don't think for a minute that you can outside and water the garden.. :cheesy2: as you never should leave heating wax unattended, but this would be a great backup for even the thermostatically controlled melters.

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