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Pie crust

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Can anyone give me suggestions on what wax to use for my pie crust. currently I am using IGI 1473 (if I remember correctly, I am at work) I currenly get too much of an opaque look. I want a more solid look and I can not get a color consistent or as realistic as I would like. HELP PLEASE! Thanks

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I've been using the plain old Hobby Lobby for my pie crusts and they have turned out great. As for the color I just add a little brown at a time pour out a little and let it set up then add more color if I need to. Im sure this doesn't help much with your particular wax. Are you adding to it? I know I made some cherry embeds yesterday the first few I made with just paraffin and stearic then I added some vybar 103 big mistake they turned out a more opaque red instead of the true red I had to begin with.

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