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Release of Liability


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HELP!!! Does anyone have a release of liability form they use or some type of contract for use with wholesalers? I have a shop interested in selling my candles and figured I needed some type of contract or release form?

For those of you who do wholesale to shops what do you use and do you have a sample I could look at?

Thanks for any help!!;)

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I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I just thought I should have some type of contract that states if the wholesaler makes any changes to the product - like adds decoration or something that - he then assumes responsibility for the change? I hope I am making sense.

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I don't use a contract. Once my customers have paid for their product, it is theirs, they own it, and they can do with it as they like. Short of not selling to them anymore, I don't think there's much else you can do to stop them.

I'm not sure how binding a contract would be since...well, they own the product. Think about it. You purchase product for resale. Maybe in the form of supplies, maybe decorative accessories. Do any of those vendors ask for a signed contract saying you won't repackage their tart warmers?

JMO....Maybe someone has had experience with this.

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