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Melt Pool Question...

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I'm a newbie! Have a question if I may ask.

When measuring the depth of a melt pool after three hours, I noticed that there appeared to be three different layers: the fully melted top layer, a middle "wannabe melted" middle layer, and a solid bottom layer. The top layer is about .5" thick, but I was wondering if I needed to incorporate the middle layer in this measurement for testing purposes. Is it considered part of the melt pool? The middle layer itself is also about .5" thick. (I would take a pic, but I cannot find my camera cable!).

Hmmmm... I really, really appreciate someone's assistance!


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Thank you Eugenia!

I know that the melt pool is the circumference, but do you think that the depth of the pool (close to one inch total if counting the in between layer) is too deep at one inch? That was my question. I remember reading somewhere on here a suggestion that a one inch deep melt pool is too large, but I don't know how to fix it. I wick down, but then THAT wick doesn't make a full melt pool!!!

:) I appreciate your response


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As long as it's not burning too fast, you are OK.

You need to determine the burn rate. It's easy.

Weigh the candle, write it down.

Burn for 3 hours.

Weigh again.

The difference is what is consumed in 3 hours.

Divide by 3 for the hourly rate.

Do this a few times to get a good reading.

Example, a 2 oz votive burns for 18 hours. This

is a burn rate of .11 per hour. Yankee rates their

22 ounce candles at 110-150 hours. At 110, the

rate would be .20, at 150, .15. personally, I find

that a bit fast for my liking.

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I came on here to post the image, but saw that you already posted to me! Thank you, that makes a lot of sense and I can rest assured that my product is getting there! Here is a pic anyway! Oh, and it looks like the wicks are too close in the pic, but that is just a bad angle. They are well separated!!!


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Your melt pool is too deep. Wick your jar down and see if it does better.

When measuring for melt pool you want a full pool (all the way to the edges) in as many hours as inches in the diameter of your jar. So if you are wicking a 4" jar you want your melt pool to be fully to the edge by the END of 4 hours....Depth usually takes care of itself if you stick to that general rule. HTH.

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