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Shea body butter - Coloring?


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Hi all, I'm totally new to the board and to making "stuff". I wanted to make a bit of whipped shea (unrefined shea with essential, fragrance, fixed oils, plus a bit of cornstarch/dryflo) but I want to color it. How could I color my shea? I've read a lot about mineral pigments, oxide colorants and micas, but am totally confused!

Thanks in advance - this is a great board!:yay:

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I've used the liquid colors at WSP to color shea-although refined and unrefined tend to be different shades, for example I used their xmas green and the refined shea turned out a pastel green vs the unrefined which turned out more of a olive green, HTH.

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Thank you! This is exactly what I was searching the internet for hours for!!!

I use mostly unfined shea, which ranges in color from yellow to cream, so I will have to just experiment to get the color that I want.

I read up on the powdered oxides and micas which can be dispersed in oil, but that sounds like way too much trouble. Perhaps when I really get into it, that may be a worthwhile investment, but right now, I'm taking the shortcut.

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