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ISO scrub recipe...

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I found this one on the recipe thread. Do you need to use a preservative in something like this? And can you use sugar instead of salt?

Bath & Body / B & B Recipes / Re: NON OILy SALT SCRUB Feb 16th, 2005, 4:41pm

Started by girlfriend | Post by lin


1/4 cup melt and pour soap base

1/2 teaspoon fo or eo,s

1/4 cup sweet almond OIL

few drops of liquid color(optional

3/4 cup epsom SALTs

melt soap in microwave. Add sweet Almond OIL and fragrance OILs and blend well. Add epsom SALTs and mix well and thoroghly. Pile into containers and tap on table to take out air bubbles and close. to use take two fingers and scoop SCRUB out. apply to dry or moistened skin and rub thoroughly, then rinse off.

Skin feels as soft as a babies bottom.

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