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100% soy waxes/cure time

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I've only been at this a few weeks now but wanted to share I'm experiencing way better hot throw on waxes, C3, 444 and 402. I have a C3 candle I made 2+ wks. ago and I put to the side because it wasn't performing a hot throw well at all after a week cure time. Lit it today just to get rid of it and whoa, it's overpowering my bedroom! I have a few others I put to the side and brought those out and extremely pleased to see they're throwing so much better. For those of you that are not experiencing a great hot throw try letting them cure longer than a week and see if that helps.

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I am a soy newby and I noticed the same thing. I had been testing my scents after 48-72 hours and thought the throw was weak. Then I burned one that had cured a couple weeks and it was MUCH stronger. I must admit I was "sceptical" about the whole soy "curing" thing (I was used to making parrafin candles) but I was wrong!!


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