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Does anyone have suggestions

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Does anyone have suggestions for which parrafin to blend with 415? i am hoping for a soft wax so that I can easily cut it, but will look into whatever is needed as I have access to a heated knife.

I am looking to increase hot scent throw and improve the overall wax stability--frosting, cauliflower top, bad adhesion to glass--and I will welcome any and all thoughts on this topic. Also are all uv stabilizers created equal or is there a difference?

Thanks for you help

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I'm no expert on blending, but if you want a paraffin container blend to mix in, I would try J50 or 4627. 4627 is an extremely soft wax - you can't really cut it well, but you can scoop it. If you're using a presto pot, the messiness of this wax isn't as big of a deal. It has an amazing scent throw, but I've never mixed it with soy. :)

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Thanks, I looked some more on the old boards, but couldn't find much there. I'm just not familiar with any parrafin waxes. but have read often that 415 is best used as a base wax, so I thought i would try it as just that if somone could point me in a general direction. J50 was one of the waxes that I read about so it may be the one I try.

Thanks again

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